Artistic Fun with Step by Step Guides from DJECO and KLUTZ

Great New Creativity Inspiring Projects In Stock!

  • Klutz Sew Mini Cute Things
  • Klutz Ultimate Clay Bead Book
  • Klutz Make Your Own Puff Stickers
  • Klutz Make Your Own Bath Bombs
  • Klutz Easy To Carve Wax Animals
  • Klutz Fabulous Flowers
  • Klutz Tiny Ceramic Studio
  • Djeco Scratch Boards
  • Djeco Projects Inspired by Famous Artists:
  • Ballerinas Wax Crayon Kit inspired by Edgar Degas
  • Superheroes Felt Tips and Rub-On Transfers Kit inspired by American Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein
  • Square Heads – Cardboard and Stickers Project Inspired By Pablo Picasso
  • Djeco Butterflies Mosaic Kit
  • Djeco Origami – Three Difficulty Levels
  • And other favorites like Rock Pets, Sparkle Scratch Art and Hey Clay.