Lockdown Magnet

Lockdown Magnet for Door Jamb

Keep door locked at all times without students being locked out.

Edu-Care Lockdown Magnet Graphic

  • Powerful, plastic-covered block magnet. 2" x 1" x 1/2".
  • Easily removed when in a lockdown situation.
  • Extremely Durable - Won't wear out.
  • Versatile - Works on metal frames and wood frames with metal strike plates.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Instructions included with order.
  • Included in our Classroom Go-Kit, available separately.

How does it work?
With the magnet in place and the door locked and closed it will not latch completely, allowing access to the classroom while keeping the door locked.

In a lockdown situation simply remove the magnet and close the door. Does not require time to retrieve keys nor stand in the hallway to lock door during an emergency.

Ordering Information:

Item: DO-710D
Price Each: $1.50
Price 40+: $1.35

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The Lockdown Magnet
is included in our Classroom Go-Kit.

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