Fun and Educational Activities & Innovative Marble Run!

7 KLUTZ STEM Activities!

Each activity comes with a fun booklet chock full of the science behind the fun! Ages 7 & 8+.

KLUTZ Lego Gadgets Activity
Sample Booklet Page
KLUTZ Race Cars Lego Activity
KLUTZ Gear Bots
KLUTZ Chain Reactions Lego
KLUTZ Paper Airplanes Activity
KLUTZ Air Blast Cannon Activity
KLUTZ Gross Nose Science Activity

The LEGO activities include all the LEGO®s needed and children can expand the activities with their own LEGOs.

Trestle Tracks!

Unique marble run propelled by widening tracks! Follow guided builds or invent your own structures! Ages 8+.

Get creative and discover the wonders of simple engineering with Trestle Tracks. A truly mesmerizing marble-track experience! Each set is made up of hollow stacking cubes and a variety of perfectly flat tracks. The paths cut out of each track widen almost imperceptibly from one end to the other, creating an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward. Watching them go is like magic in slow-mo!

3 Versions to choose from – 43, 73 and 124 pieces. All sets are fully compatible with each other.

The movement really is remarkable – stop in and check out our demo!

Happy STEMming!