Retro Film Projector & Marble Run!

These fully functioning puzzles are incredible feats of engineering and beauty! Once you’re done building and playing with them you’ll want to show them off. The Marble Run creates an intricate labyrinth of gears and runways and the projector comes with a BW clip of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times movie you can watch!

The kits are a great STEAM project for learning about gear transmission, potential and kinetic energy, and assembly. They don’t require batteries and include everything you need – laser-cut basswood sheets of parts, sandpaper, hardware, and instructions (no glue required), take approximately 4 hours to complete, and cost $40-$50.

Perfect winter projects for families or gifts for children 14 and up.

Marble Run

ROKR Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzle

Vitascope Movie Projector

ROKR Vitascope 3D Wooden Puzzle

Are you or someone you know up for the challenge?!
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