GoSafe Preparedness Kits

Safety is always in style!

GoSafe Kits are an essential collection of emergency, safety and preparedness items for active women of all ages to be confidently prepared and protected for dealing with life’s unexpected events and threats. All assembled in a convenient, compact and stylishly designed kit.

GoSafe Kits are perfect for…

  • Students on Campus
  • When Traveling and Commuting
  • Gifts for Loved Ones
  • Life’s Unexpected Events

For over 40 years, Edu-Care has served the educational market. From this experience, our dedicated team recognized an ever-growing need for educators to be properly prepared for emergency situations. This led to our creation of the Go-Kit® for classrooms – an easily transportable collection of essential supplies for emergency preparedness that has gained the trust of educators across the United States.

Now we’re getting personal. Faced with the startling facts that 1 in 5 college women will be sexually assaulted and 1.3 Million American women are victimized each year (according to the National Institute of Justice) we made the commitment to combine our expertise and passion to further ensure the safety of our friends, family and neighbors. This led to our creation of GoSafe® – a compact carry-on kit containing all the essentials to be prepared for the most prevalent and real-life threats of our world today.

We all recognize that danger is a fact of life, which is only heightened in particular times such as; heading off to college or relocating to a new area, commuting in adverse weather, traveling near or far, exploring unfamiliar neighborhoods or simply venturing out while unaccompanied. Many of us have considered how to prepare for these situations but very few take the time to assemble items of importance for personal safety.

The work has now been done for you and packaged in a convenient, economical, and stylishly designed kit that will make carrying these items simple and second-nature. Now you can have the peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones will enjoy the confidence of venturing out into the world with a focus on the important aspects of life!

Be Prepared for Life’s “Unexpecteds”!

Unwanted Advance/Assault…
Pepper Spray to fend off attackers &
Whistle to attract attention.

Questionable Drinks…
Drink Test Strips to prevent being drugged.

Dead Cell Phone Battery…
Battery Backup to recharge electronic devices.

Bad Weather…
Thermal Blanket & Reusable Rain Poncho are perfect when car breaks down.

Power Outages…
12 Hour Glow Stick provides steady even light, saving precious cell phone life. Battery Backup has Integrated Flashlight for focused light.

Daily Scrapes & Scratches…
Flexible latex-free Adhesive Bandages in a refillable dispenser.

All in a Convenient Compact Case

Kit Contents & Information

Kit Size8” Long x 3” Wide x 5” High
Defense SprayPepper Spray – Compact and powerful, 2 million Scoville heat units w/ ID dye, 6′ to 8′ effective range, 6 to 10 one second shots. Note: When shipping to NY and MA, animal repellent spray is substituted for Pepper Spray due to state regs.
Safe Drink TestsDetects Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine, the most commonly used date rape drugs. 6 drink tests (3 kits w/ 2 tests each).
Power Bank / Flashlight ComboHigh capacity, 4000 mAh, combination battery charge and flashlight. Standard USB fitting. Charges devices 2-3 times.
Alert DeviceHeavy duty metal whistle on lanyard.
Emergency BlanketHeat reflective mylar blanket. 7′ Long x 4.3′ Wide (84″ x 52″). Wind and waterproof. Reflects back 90% of body heat. Developed from insulation used in space exploration.
Emergency Light12 hour white glow stick on lanyard. Provides steady even light. Saves precious battery life.
First AidBandage Buddy w/ five latex-free sterile adhesive bandages. Refillable.
Rain PonchoAll weather heavy duty re-usable emergency poncho. Universal size (6.6′ Long x 4′ Wide).

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